Build a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


We no longer sell complete wind turbines. Below is information for ideas for a DIY project.

 Permanent Magnet Alternator Wind Turbine Generator (for sale at our WindGenKits eBay store)

Rotating Assembly (for sale at our WindGenKits eBay store)

PMA Mounting Bracket (for sale at our WindGenKits eBay site)

We do not sell items below. You will need to find elsewhere. 

 3 - 48" or 60" Wings

 3 - 48" length by 1  3/8" in diameter tubular spars (steel or aluminum)

 3 - brackets to connect to Rotating Assembly

 1- 1/2" schedule 40 pipe for the tower. An optional item. ( can be purchased at a hardware store)

Wings Instructional Video for ideas


Spoke Opening Template (pdf)


Angle of Attack Gage (pdf)


60WR-power (jpg)